• Meet with the campus recreation office to set up a volleyball club. Most colleges have had a mens or womens volleyball club at some point.
  • Appoint a President to plan and delegate tasks.

  • Schedule an open gym once or twice a week with your facilities.
  • Have the club members play in all the outdoor/indoor tournaments and open gyms around your area. This will help you meet potential players.
  • Update your school website page with contact information or create a Facebook group. A few potential players try to find information for club volleyball on the school’s website.
  • Important for try-outs and tournaments. Put up flyers around the gyms and work out facilities.
  • Most club membership dues are $100-$200/semester.  This helps raise about $1000 per semester. It also helps people stay committed.
  • Host local tournaments for regional co-ed teams. This is where a majority of funds are raised by college club teams.
  • Most campus recreation departments offer a matching reimbursement.
  • The mens college club season starts in January and lasts until April. However, there are tournaments going the entire school year.
  • If your location is isolated, you will likely need to travel to play against other clubs. Select 2-3 tournaments a year to participate in.
  • We invite any college club in AZ, CO, UT, NV, ID, WY, MT to participate in the  Mountain West Volleyball Conference (MWVC).
  • To become a member of the MWVC, you pay $650 in dues and compete in 2 tournaments. They are held in January (Las Vegas, NV) and first weekend in March.
  • Contact nearby schools to set up a weekend tournament or exhibition matches.
  • Most tournament travel costs are about $1000 per tournament. (Ex. Gas – $120, Lodging – 3 rooms, 2 nights @ $70 = $420, Tournament Entry – $250, Food – $80, Car Rental – $200)
  • A $3000 budget will allow a team to participate in 3 regional tournaments.
  • It costs nearly $6,000 for a club to participate in NCVF Nationals, but this is the event to compete in!